Top 5 Games like Roblox 2020 —

  1. Minecraft
    Minecraft is one of the most favorite games for people who love sandbox-style games. It shares a lot of similarities with Roblox as it lets the gamer create a world of his own. The game is all about building stuff and mining blocks in different locations. The maps generated for playing are quite different each time and have caves, forests, and even water bodies as the game locations. You have the scope to craft and use weapons to deal with zombies, wild creatures, and spiders that you might come across in your land. Apart from the feature of allowing customized players in Roblox, Minecraft tops the list of Games like Roblox.
  1. Trove
    Trove is a multiplayer game and uses a blocky finish for the look of its characters, just like the animated characters of Roblox. But, this game is all about battles. You could choose different classes of characters, such as a knight or a dracolyte, to play. Exploring dungeons to lay a hand on the treasures is the theme of the game. You are allowed to build your own kingdom and fight with dragons with yielded swords; defeat your enemies to move forward successfully in this game.
  1. Blocksworld
    Games like Roblox bring out the creativity in you.Blocksworld is one such game that brings forth your idea of an imaginative world to the maximum extent. The game is based on a build-and-play system that encourages you to develop great things using the building blocks, textures, and colors at your disposal. You can even program it to function on your commands, provided within the game itself. The game offers scope for you to share your creations with your friends across platforms and within the game itself. You can expect your platform to be liked by other players in the world, while you can also view theirs and comment on it.
  1. Block N Load
    This game could be the right choice for you if you are looking for Games like Roblox that are battle-oriented. It is a fast game that can be played solo as well as on a five-player mode. The game focuses on developing defense strategies, building traps, and setting other types of pitfalls such as landmines, huge bombs, poison traps, turrets, etc. The game is quite similar to Roblox in the way that it allows your imagination to run wild for developing strategies and moving through different stages. Since it is fast-paced and action-packed, it finds a place in the list of top games that are played by a large number of gamers worldwide.
  1. Lego Worlds
    This game centers around exploring the unlimited universe while you move across a variety of landscapes that are formed using Lego bricks. It is also one of theGames like Roblox that offers ample opportunities for crafting and building, giving wings to your imagination. But, there are certain restrictions such as not being able to choose or decide your game mode, which makes it less effective as a fun game.




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